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Most insurances offer you two essential coverages.

The first is access to primary care, which includes general medicine, pediatrics, childcare, nursing, and home and outpatient emergencies in medical centers.

The second is the assistance of the specialist in consultation or in the hospital regime, as well as in diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical procedures.

The most comprehensive insurances allow you to freely choose the health professional or hospital you need on each occasion.

The third of the 5 benefits of health insurance is the possibility of contracting additional modules and guarantees. Good policies give access, in a complementary way, to modules, which for example can offer a full service of extra-hospital guarantees.

This module facilitates the second diagnosis by hospitals in the United States, and the collection and maintenance of blood and umbilical cord tissue. The best policies allow access to high-value services at reduced prices, such as correction of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism using laser techniques. Also to treatments related to obesity, such as its genetic study, or the placement of the intragastric balloon. Other tests offered are pediatric, such as neonatal screening, an extension of the heel test that is performed on babies, and detects up to 28 metabolic disorders. A very interesting service is the telephone medical attention. The most comprehensive policies have general attention telephones for inquiries about treatments and ailments. Also, telephone numbers for pediatric care and psychological assistance, which have professionals with extensive experience in these fields.

1. Possibility of choosing a doctor: Insurance companies have a wide "medical chart" that allows you to choose a professional according to health problems.

2. Efficiency and speed: It is possible to go to the specialist directly, without having to go through the family doctor first. In addition, the results of analyzes or diagnoses are available at an average of 8 days.

3. Personalized attention and trust: The care is personalized and adapted to the medical needs of each individual. This, linked to the possibility of choosing a doctor and hospital, creates an environment of trust between the professional and the patient.

4. The flexibility of schedules: The availability and hours of doctors are wide, thus giving the patient the possibility of requesting their appointments without excessively altering their daily commitments.

5. More comfortable hospitalization: In the event that hospitalization is required, it is possible to have an individual room, greater tranquility, and all the necessary services available to the patient.

6. Reduced waiting times; both in operating rooms and in emergencies: The emergency services are organized so that people are in waiting rooms as little as possible.

7. International coverage: Many private health insurances offer services almost anywhere in the world. Public health services are only served in countries associated with the European Health Card, while with private insurance the care is almost total and they have extensive professional teams.

8. Medical treatments: Thanks to the benefits provided by this private health insurance, the treatments applied are innovative, being able to have complementary or alternative therapeutic options. 9. Dental insurance: With private insurance, part of the dental health services may be included. It is advisable to inquire in each case.

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